Puppy Training

Your beautiful puppy will want you to be the calm, assertive leader they are looking for - I'll teach you how.

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Toilet Training

First and foremost your puppy needs to be toilet trained for hygiene reasons. If they go to the toilet in the house uncontested it starts to form a habit, due to dogs wanting to mark their territory.

I will help train your puppy become toilet trained using commands and encouragement at the preferred time and place.

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Walking to Heel

You will want to allow your dog off the lead when it is older and getting your puppy to walk to heel early will pave the way.

I will guide you on what collar / lead / harness / equipment would be best for your dog. I will explain how the progression from the first puppy steps to adult dog will work with the proper commands.

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Having a dog that doen't come back to you is not only frustrating, it's also dangerous. If you can't let your puppy off the lead when they are older they will struggle to burn off enough energy to be calmed and rested in the house.

I will teach you how you are more important than whatever else is going on by using positive reinforcement and treats.

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House Rules

Every household is different and everyone has different rules they want their puppy to adhere to.

Being in the house all the members of the household will need to know and stick to the rules, so your puppy knows its boundaries.

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Food Manners

Teaching a puppy to have good manners around food really is important to retain your control. If they eat too fast they will be at risk of being sick, choking or swallowing things whole.

By teaching your puppy to understand they have to wait for their food, will set a precedent of control. Also teaching them that not all food is theirs. This control will aid other areas to training too.

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Building a Bond

Most importantly, you got a puppy to enhance your life. They will be your best friend and a member of the family. Dogs have the potential to show you a lot of love.

I will help you understand your dogs behaviour so you can be emphatic with them. I will show you how you need to meet their needs and provide care guidelines.

The foundations are so important; we can work together to put the groundwork in.

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