Case Studies

I am proud of all my clients and here are a selection of the nice thing people have to say about their dog training experience with me.

Heather & Poppy

How I Helped

Poppy was an eight month old rescue collie. Heather was keen to have a well trained dog to fit in with their busy life in which included socialising with horses and other animals at local livery stables. Special considerations were made because when you train a rescue dog you don’t know what negative experiences they have been through.


Emily started a course of training sessions tailored around the things we needed to do to get the basics in place. She set up fun games to help get Poppy to watch and listen to the new commands and used toys and props to get her to engage with us while she was learning.

Emily was on hand or at the end of the phone whenever I had a question or problem with Poppy and always had the right answers to correct where we were going wrong. Poppy has come along so well and we are very pleased with her progress.

She has the skills patience to help any dog their owners. I would recommend her to anyone looking for assistance in any aspect of dog training.

Thank you From Paul & Heather & Poppy too.

Faye & Frank

How I Helped

Frank was a full of beans puppy when we first met – he was adorable. Faye was keen to get put the work in to give him the foundations of good manners and behaviour. We worked together for 6 sessions and due to my puppy training and Faye’s efforts we achieved a perfectly trained puppy who was loving life!


As soon as we bought our lovely puppy, Frank, I knew that investing in training him properly was essential for his development and for him to have a healthy happy life with us. Upon recommendation, we contacted Hound Training and booked him in to start almost as soon as he came to us, at just 12 weeks old.

Working with Emily was an absolute pleasure from the very beginning. The sessions were fun and enjoyable with homework given each week for us to practise ahead of the following weeks session. Her knowledge and passion for her job clearly shows and she was able to provide help and advice with Frank’s problem areas, allowing him to quickly progress and develop into the happy, well-behaved dog we have today.

Many of our friends and people who meet Frank comment on how well he behaves. His obedience of the basic commands such as sit, stay/wait, down and walking to heel is impeccable – we’ve even used the learning techniques Emily taught us to teach him new things such as barking on command, ‘dancing’ (standing up on his hind legs then walking backwards) and down.

I’ve recommended Hound Training to many new dog owners, especially those struggling with traditional group ‘puppy classes’ which can be extremely distracting for both the dog and owner, and will continue to do so. Thank you Emily!

Jake and Sue

How I Helped

Jack was a very strong lab and his owner had him from a puppy. As he became an excitable adult dog, unfortunately his owner’s health deteriorated as she struggled to talk him and he had picked up the bad habit of pulling. We did 2 training sessions a week and soon Jack was a gentleman on the lead and his owner could walk him again.


Jack was always a good boy and well behaved but as I became ill, I was struggling to walk him. The less I walked him, the worse he became. He would pull me over and I felt like I couldn’t hold his lead when he saw another dog as he got so excited. I knew Jack needed training but because I was unable to do it, I thought I would just not be able to walk him anymore.

Luckily I came across Emily and we put a training program together. She understood everything I wanted to achieve and did the training for me. We would meet at a local field and she would explain everything she going to do that day with Jack and I would watch.

Our main focus was to teach Jack to walk to heal and not pull.  Also to stay calm when he saw other dogs. By the end of the course of lessons Jake was so much better and had totally calmed down.  He was not only walking to heal, but I could walk him again. Thank you so much for all your help Emily.