Adult Dog Training

I can help you live a more harmonious life with your dog by getting you back in control.

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When your dog barks, it will disturb your entire house and potentially your neighbours. Barking raises tension in the household causing irritation and stress.

I can work with you to train your dog to stop barking. Every dog learns differently and I have several different training methods to suit you and your dog too.

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Running Off

Obviously no one wants their dog running off willy-nilly. It is important for your dog and other people's safety for you to have them under control.

If your dog keeps running off, we can focus your training on emergency stops and recall.

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Pulling the Lead

Walking a dog that isn't lead trained is not enjoyable for either of you. Not only that but your dog can end up damaging its throat in the process.

There are alternatives to trying to out-muscle your dog. With positive training methods and the right equipment we can overcome your dog pulling on its lead.

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Jumping Up

It is unsafe for your dog to have the habit of jumping up. Children, the elderly and those who are scared of dogs are particularly vulnerable. Also when winter is here, you will not want muddy paws all other your clothes.

You might be encouraging and praising your dog for jumping up, and you didn't even realise.

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Over-excitement can lead to your dog receiving a lot of negative attention. This spoils your relationship and can lead to resentment.

I can teach your dog to learn how to have downtime. Regular exercise and positive reinforcement of good manners will lead to a calmer dog.

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Stealing Food

If your dog is prone to stealing food, they may accidentally bite someone or a child when they are holding food. Many human safe food is poisonous for dogs such as raisins, chocolate, etc. Dogs that steal food might be putting themselves at risk.

I will teach your dog that their food is in their dog bowl and that not all food is theirs. I will also provide you with the skills to keep them "steady" around food.

If you need help with any of these problems, get in touch.

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